The Truth About California Gun Shows

The uninformed anti-gun people perpetuate the idea that gun shows are some sort of free-for-all where anyone can buy anything. Nothing could be further from the truth as gun shows are subject to the same restrictions and regulations as any brick and mortar gun store. Anyone who wishes to purchase a firearm at a gun show must pass a federal background check and wait the mandatory 10 day waiting period. That is to say that THERE ARE NO FIREARMS THAT LEAVE A GUN SHOW. The vast majority of people speaking out against gun shows have never been to a gun show, have no idea what a gun show is all about and repeat incorrect and/or untrue things that they have heard others say.

  • All Federal, State, and Local laws are strictly adhered to.
  • All firearms purchased at a gun show go through the same strict screening process as if they were purchased at any fully licensed gun store.
  • Anyone purchasing a firearm at a gun show must pass a background check run through the Department of Justice. Anyone not passing the background check is absolutely NOT able to purchase a firearm. Furthermore, It is a felony for a prohibited person to even ATTEMPT to purchase a firearm at a gun show.
  • Anyone purchasing a firearm for the first time must go through a firearms safety course.
  • All firearms “purchased” at a gun show must comply with the 10 waiting period. That is to say that THERE ARE NO FIREARMS THAT LEAVE A GUN SHOW.
  • Crossroads of the West and the California Department of Justice have weekly communication ensuring that prohibited persons are not selling firearms.
  • The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms is a regular PARTICIPANT at Crossroads of the West gun shows.
  • Local law enforcement generally likes gun shows as gun shows provide a defined area for firearm purchases with strict regulation.
  • Local law enforcement patrols the show floor throughout the entire weekend.
  • Criminals generally avoid gun shows because they are so heavily patrolled by law enforcement. Seems pretty straight forward that criminals do not like to be around law enforcement.
  • Crossroads of the West is a family friendly environment run by a family from Utah.
  • Firearms are only a small part of what is sold at a gun show. There is also outdoor & survival gear, Jewelry, nylon bags, artwork, self defense items such as stun guns and pepper spray, military apparel, hunting equipment etc. It is much like any “outdoor” show (where they do allow gun sales).
  • Hundreds of people, small business owners derive their living from participating in gun shows. This is the way they pay their bills, pay their taxes, and support their family.
  • Vendors at gun shows are very vigilant in making sure all laws and rules are followed knowing that any nefarious activity puts their livelihood in jeopardy.
  • Banning gun shows will not reduce crime. Banning gun shows may, in fact, increase crime.

Information on Buying Ammo at California Gun Shows