Crossroads Policy on Loaded Guns

It is important to note that in Arizona, Utah and Nevada there are very few restrictions on who can carry a loaded firearm and where they can carry it. We respect the rights of our gun show patrons to carry, open or concealed.

We at Crossroads believe in your unrestricted right to own and to carry firearms, and we have spent substantial amounts of money in our home state of Utah and at the national level lobbying for the right to carry.

However, there are certain protocols which we ask all of our show participants…vendors and members of the public…to observe while at the show. The gun show is a unique environment in which we often pass guns back and forth between individuals and vendors to try a holster fit, etc.

Everyoneʼs personal safety is our first and most important consideration in the operation of every Crossroads gun show.

We respectfully request that you do not carry a loaded firearm inside the gun show.

In addition to the general safety issue, our gun show liability insurance policy requires that we check all firearms being brought to the show by members of the public to ensure that no guns are loaded. There are very few insurance companies who are willing to issue a liability policy to gun shows, and every venue where we conduct our shows requires that we provide a two million dollar liability policy in order to contract our shows.

Our show rules are simple…and they have been put in place by us to ensure the personal safety of every person who is in attendance at the show.

Most of our gun show guests are cooperative when the reasons for the rules are explained to them.

Thanks for your understanding and your cooperation. We will continue to lobby and advocate for your gun rights at the local, state and national level.