Crossroads’ response to Cow Palace gun show ban

We are of course disappointed that the Cow Palace Board of Directors voted to ban gun shows at the Cow Palace starting in 2020, especially considering the fact that we have been doing shows there for more than 30 years with no negative incidents…zero. The show observes all local, state and federal laws. We have a great relationship with the Daly City Police Department who have been at all of our Cow Palace shows. We have weekly communication with the California Department of Justice and the ATF often PARTICIPATES in our shows. Unfortunately, those who have never been to a gun show and know nothing about them have pressured the board to vote against something that they don’t like. There is a bumpersticker that reads “My rights don’t end where your feelings begin”. It’s a sad state of affairs when a group can arbitrarily prevent another group from lawful commerce simply because they don’t like (or understand) something.

The uninformed anti-gun activists perpetuate the idea that gun shows are some sort of free-for-all where anyone can buy anything. Nothing could be further from the truth as gun shows are subject to the same restrictions and regulations as any brick and mortar gun store. Anyone who wishes to purchase a firearm at a gun show must pass a federal background check and comply with the mandatory 10 day waiting period. That is to say that THERE ARE NO FIREARMS THAT LEAVE A GUN SHOW.

It’s interesting that the Cow Palace is willing to host a marijuana show, which is federally illegal, but won’t host a gun show which is federally legal.

I would love to have Senator Weiner, or anyone else, explain what laws have been broken by hosting a gun show at the Cow Palace. Furthermore, I would love Senator Weiner to enumerate the incidents of disorderly conduct at gun shows that he and others constantly elude to. Weiner has obviously never been to a gun show.

Crossroads of the West is considering its options for the future. We will not be bullied into discontinuing our lawful business in California or anywhere else. See you at the Cow Palace November 16, 17.

-Crossroads of the West