Crossroads of the West Gun Shows won their lawsuit against Gavin Newsom and
the State of California, temporarily invalidating the law which prohibited the sale
of firearms or ammunition at the Orange County Fairgrounds gun show or on any
other state-owned property in California.

Crossroads of the West Gun Shows had been conducting gun shows throughout
California for over forty years at various state and county owned Fairgrounds.
Crossroads, whose corporate name is B&L Productions, Inc., was joined in the
lawsuit by The California Rifle and Pistol Association and The Second
Amendment Foundation.

U.S. District Court Judge Mark Holcomb ruled on October 30 that the State ban on
gun shows on state-owned properties violated the First and Second Amendments to
the Constitution, and that the State must lift the gun show ban and make the
Orange County Fairgrounds and other state- owned properties available to
Crossroads to resume their lawful and Constitutionally-protected events.

Tracy Olcott, President of Crossroads of the West, said that “Judge Holcomb’s
decision was a further affirmation that those who would deny law-abiding citizens
the right to assemble and the right to keep and bear arms are in violation of the
protections offered by our Constitution.” She said that Crossroads gun shows
would resume at state-owned fairgrounds as soon as dates for the shows became
available on the facility’s calendar.


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