California Senate Bill 249

Frequently Asked Questions about the Gun Shows

Thanks to all of you who contacted your legislators opposing SB 249. Your calls, cards and letters were part of a huge outpouring of opposition to a bill which would have outlawed firearms which were fully compliant with California’s draconian firearms laws.

Senate Bill 249, Senator Leland Yee’s bill which would have given the State the authority to confiscate tens of thousands of legally purchased and legally owned firearms, was pulled from the Assembly Appropriations Committee Hearing Calendar.

This means that the bill is dead for the year! We congratulate the members of both houses for realizing that this hastily drafted bill would have had huge policy implications and fiscal impact. More importantly, it would pose serious Constitutional problems by outlawing, ex post facto, legally owned property.

We can expect that this bill, and other bills restricting our Second Amendment freedoms, will be introduced next year. You, and the thousands of gun owners who are willing to speak out in support of our Second Amendment freedoms, are the reason that we still have our guns.

Thanks for being part of protecting our American Heritage!

Bob Templeton,
Crossroads of the West Gun Shows